Can I Kick It? Tim Beckham

Before this week’s edition, let’s peek at some previous contestants.

Whit: Still fucks.
MarGo: Still fucks.
Parker: Got fucked by the Phillies, but then turned around and fucked the O’s?

I still have no idea how Bridwell is keeping this up. His stranded runners rate is insane, and he still ain’t a strikeout pitcher. Whit went from 46% owned to 81% since we started this shebang, continuing to dazzle for a red hot Royals team. Gonzalez is still feasting.

So far so good right? I know what I’m doing.

Anyway, here’s another CIKI.



Oops wrong picture.


Tim Beckham is not married to a Spice Girl. Tim Beckham used to play for the Tampa Bay Rays. Tim Beckham is a middle infielder that also dabbles in third baseman-ship. Tim Beckham. Tim Beckham.

That was me trying to think of a cool nickname.

Fabs just picked this guy up. He’s aight, but he’s been on quite a tear since joining the O’s. He’s ranked just inside the top 20 in positional ranking as a SS, and a 2B; according to ESPN.


Tim after hearing what I had to say about him. This guy strikes out a LOT. His career average is 30%. His BABIP is pretty inflated at .379. I don’t really like this guy.


Looking at his past stats, he’s kind of meh. He’s one of those quad-A guys that has never really stuck around. His 15 HR’s this year are a career high; more than the last two years combined.

Honestly guys (and maybe girls), I think this dude’s just on a hot streak. If you need him, by all means, go grab while he’s hot.

Can I Kick It?



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