Hot Corner Sports MLB Awards!

This Sunday marks the end of the 2018 regular season, and what a season it was! From crazy walkoffs to amazing winning streaks, there were an enormous amount of memorable moments throughout the season. But what would the season’s end be without the awards! Every kid who’s loved the game of baseball has dreamt about hoisting an MVP trophy, a Cy Young or the World Series pennant. Since the only thing I’ve hoisted recently is a fantasy baseball championship (haha! Champion baby!), I figured we would run down my choices for the end of season awards and the world series.


Welcome to the Hot Corner MLB Awards!


National League


Rookie of the year

  1. Cody Bellinger, LAD
  2. Josh Bell, PIT
  3. Paul DeJong, StL
  4. Luke Weaver, StL
  5. Rhy Hoskins, PHI

This was an easy decision, as Bellinger has been a monster at the plate over his 129 games this season. The young Dodgers stud batted .269/.353/.588 with 39 HRs (so far), 96 RBIs, and 87 runs. Bellinger smashed onto the scene as a 21 year old sensation and instantly became a fan favorite with his violent home run swing. This will mark back-to-back Rookie of the Year season for the Dodgers, Bellinger will follow in the footsteps of last years ROY Corey Seager. With more versatile rookies waiting in the minors, will we see a Dodgers 3-peat for ROY? Only time with tell, but for now, back-to-back winners will do just fine.

Mad Max

Cy Young

  1. Max Scherzer, WSH
  2. Clayton Kershaw, LAD
  3. Stephen Strasburg, WSH
  4. Zack Greinke, ARZ
  5. Alex Wood, LAD

I found this one to be pretty easy. Mad Max has been lights out this year, racking up a 16-6 record with a 2.55 ERA and 0.91 WHIP. Maximus sat down 263 batters over the course of the season – his 6th straight 200+ strikeout campaign. Any one of the above mentioned pitchers had a shot at winning the award this year, but the stand out had to be Mr. Scherzer.


Most Valuable Player

  1. Giancarlo Stanton, MIA
  2. Paul Goldschmidt, ARZ
  3. Joey Votto, CIN
  4. Nolan Arenado, COL
  5. Justin Turner, LAD

I would have given this award to Goldie hands down at the All-Star break; he has been working towards a MVP award for the past few season, and I finally believed this was going to be his year. Giancarlo Stanton had other ideas. Stanton has mashed 31 home runs (59 Hrs in the season) and 68 RBIs since the break, an amazing run for the veteran slugger. Finally staying healthy for a full season has given Stanton the chance to show that he is still one of the best hitters in all of baseball. I’m still hoping he can crack the 60 home run mark.


American League


Rookie of the Year

  1. Aaron Judge, NYY
  2. Andrew Benintendi, BOS
  3. Trey Mancini, BAL
  4. Matt Olson, OAK
  5. Rafael Devers, BOS

Before the season started, many people (including myself) already had Benintendi as the leading candidate to win the AL ROY award. The kid splashed on the scene in 2017 and was a spark plug for the Red Soxs. However, it pleases me to say that it won’t be a Red Soxs rookie that wins the award this year, but a New York Yankees one! Aaron Judge has had the rookie season of all rookie seasons. He has smashed more home runs (51) than any other rookie in MLB history, passing Mark McGwire record of 49 set in 1987, and is the first rookie to lead the league in home runs, runs (126), and walks (124). The kid is a monster, and the best part is, he’s still getting better.


Cy Young

  1. Corey Kluber, CLE
  2. Chris Sale, BOS
  3. Luis Severino, NYY
  4. Marcus Stroman, TOR
  5. Carlos Carrasco, CLE

The Cy young was a tight race this year — well, it wasn’t really, until about a few months ago when Kluber decided he was a god among men. Kluber (18-4) has been an unstoppable force for the Tribe this year, pitching multiple complete games while maintaining a sparkling 2.27 ERA and 0.86 WHIP. Although his strikeout numbers are lower than Sale – 262 compared to Sales 308 – Kluber has been the more reliable of the two down the stretch. This Indians team is going to be a very tough opponent for years to come.


Most Valuable Player

  1. Aaron Judge, NYY
  2. Jose Altuve, HOU
  3. Jose Ramirez, CLE
  4. Mike Trout, LAA
  5. Chris Sale, BOS

This is the toughest award to give out this season, as both the top choices have been outstanding this year. Now, before you rag on me for picking a Yankee to win it all, hear me out.

Judge has batted .287/.421/.625 with a OPS of 1.046, compared to Altuve’s .350/.415/.555 with an OPS of .970. As you can see, the only core category here that Altuve leads is average. When we dig a bit deeper: Judge put up 126 runs, 112 RBIs, 125 walks, 8 stolen bases and 51 home runs, compared to Altuve’s 111 runs, 81 RBIs, 58 walks, 32 stolen bases, and 24 home runs. Altuve takes the cake in stolen bases; we knew that was a given. But Judge leads in every other category – yes, Judge struck out 205 times over the season compared to Altuves 83, but he’s a power hitter. He’s gonna strike out. Many people will reference the major slump Judge went on after the All-Star break, but even at his worst Judge was putting himself into a position to help his team. His on base percentage during that slump was a .353 (49 walks), which is incredible considering he only batted .185 during that time. Lastly, many voters like to reference BABIP and WAR when talking about MVP candidates – those numbers favor Altuve, but not by much. Judge carries a .356 BABIP and 7.9 WAR while Altuve has an impressive .375 BABIP and 8.5 WAR. When it comes down to it, I think both of these guys deserve to be mentioned in the MVP conversation, but I hope that Judge takes the cake: the numbers speak for themselves.


And there we have it: the Hot Corner Awards for the 2017 MLB season. Leave your choices in the comments and let us know who you think will be taking home the hardware!


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