Hot Corner Sports MLB Awards!

This Sunday marks the end of the 2018 regular season, and what a season it was! From crazy walkoffs to amazing winning streaks, there were an enormous amount of memorable moments throughout the season. But what would the season's end be without the awards! Every kid who's loved the game of baseball has dreamt about … Continue reading Hot Corner Sports MLB Awards!


Fantasy Hockey Run Down: Goalie Edition

Hola friends! Today we are going to look at a few goalies for the upcoming fantasy season. We are going to try and shy away from those top options and look for a few hidden gems, or even some bounce-back performances. A goalie needs to be able to play the majority of the season, and … Continue reading Fantasy Hockey Run Down: Goalie Edition

Fantasy Hockey Run Down: Rookie Watch

HELLO! It’s almost game time baby, and you know what that means? Fantasy Hockey season! The Babes on Blades league is about to get underway, so I figured I would give you a little look into some of the young talent entering the league. I will touch up on a few players that I believe … Continue reading Fantasy Hockey Run Down: Rookie Watch

Two-Start Thursdays! Championship Edition

Here we are! It took almost 24 weeks, but we survived the 2017 Fantasy baseball season and look forward to our final week of match ups. Some of you might be competing for a championship (hopefully i’ll be joining you!), and some of you may be trying to fight off the dreaded last place finish. … Continue reading Two-Start Thursdays! Championship Edition

Top 5 Add/Drop: Playoffs Round 2

Round one is in the books! Congratulations to those who are advancing and better luck next year to those who aren't. Naturally, ya boy is moving onto the second round and chasing down my second straight league championship (not a big deal). So here are the newly top added and top dropped players, make your … Continue reading Top 5 Add/Drop: Playoffs Round 2

The Greatest Game Ever … Caddied?

So here I am, sitting on the couch, watching The Greatest Game Ever played (one of my favorite Disney sport classics), when it dawns on me: This movie should not have been about Francis Ouimet (Played by the man himself Shia Laboeuf) but instead, focused on the heroic action of his youthful caddie Eddie Lowery … Continue reading The Greatest Game Ever … Caddied?

Two-Start Thursdays! Playoffs Round 2

ROUND 2! Hopefully your playoffs are going in the right direction and you’re looking for the next round of two-starters who are going to help you progress to the finals of your league. With the expanded rosters it is kind of tough to predict starting pitching from week to week, guys are being inserted into … Continue reading Two-Start Thursdays! Playoffs Round 2

Star Swap: Blockbuster in the East

So let me get this straight - Boston traded away their heart and soul in Isaiah Thomas, plus one of the only guys who can actually guard Jebron Lames in Crowder, PLUS some random giant foreign guy AND ON TOP OF THAT an unprotected Brooklyn Nets first round pick (basically a top 3 pick in … Continue reading Star Swap: Blockbuster in the East

Two-Start Thursdays! Playoffs Round 1 (Sept 4-10)

PLAYOFFS BABY! HELLO! I am pumped to be entering round 1 of the playoffs and excited to help you reach your full pitching potential. Some quick notes: Cueto, Eickhoff, and Salazar may be inserted into the lineup next week and could have two start eligibility. Keep tabs on these guys and their progression. Verlander might … Continue reading Two-Start Thursdays! Playoffs Round 1 (Sept 4-10)