Hot Corner Sports MLB Awards!

This Sunday marks the end of the 2018 regular season, and what a season it was! From crazy walkoffs to amazing winning streaks, there were an enormous amount of memorable moments throughout the season. But what would the season's end be without the awards! Every kid who's loved the game of baseball has dreamt about [...]


Two-Start Thursdays! Playoffs Round 2

ROUND 2! Hopefully your playoffs are going in the right direction and you’re looking for the next round of two-starters who are going to help you progress to the finals of your league. With the expanded rosters it is kind of tough to predict starting pitching from week to week, guys are being inserted into [...]

Two-Start Thursdays! Playoffs Round 1 (Sept 4-10)

PLAYOFFS BABY! HELLO! I am pumped to be entering round 1 of the playoffs and excited to help you reach your full pitching potential. Some quick notes: Cueto, Eickhoff, and Salazar may be inserted into the lineup next week and could have two start eligibility. Keep tabs on these guys and their progression. Verlander might [...]