Two-Start Thursdays! Championship Edition

Here we are! It took almost 24 weeks, but we survived the 2017 Fantasy baseball season and look forward to our final week of match ups. Some of you might be competing for a championship (hopefully i’ll be joining you!), and some of you may be trying to fight off the dreaded last place finish. [...]


Move Pitch, Get out tha way! Week 18 (Jul 31 – Aug 6) Two start pitchers

Here we are again, half way into another week of fantasy baseball and ready to start preparing for the week to come. Last week, we had a shit ton of random crap happen to pitchers including blisters, injuries, rain delays and even paternity leave. This made the two-starts for last week a little off but [...]

Stealth Bombers: 4 players flying under the radar and over expectations

It’s officially the halfway point of the season, and with all seasons, there are winners, losers, and those in the middle. You might be leading your league, fighting for a playoff spot, or trying desperately to save face and avoid a foul but deserved punishment (hey, you drafted those bums not me). Regardless of where [...]